Dr Sam Lutalo-Kiingi (Uganda)


Plenary Presenter
Commission on International Co-operation and Development (Commission 3)

Dr Sam Lutalo-Kiingi (Uganda)

Presentation title:
Development Cooperation and Sustainable Partnership with Deaf Communities in Sub-Saharan Africa

Date: Thursday, 25 July 2019



Sam Lutalo-Kiingi is a lecturer at Kyambogo University in Uganda, and the first Deaf African to hold a PhD in linguistics (2014, University of Central Lancashire, UK, A Descriptive Grammar of Morpho-Syntactic Constructions in Ugandan Sign Language (UgSL). Fluent in multiple sign languages, he has more than 20 years of experience in sign language research and teaching, as well as in the coordination of international projects in Eastern and Southern Africa. He has also been involved in training and research programs in Western Africa.

From 2000-2006, he was a researcher in the UgSL Dictionary project (in cooperation with Stockholm University, Dr. Lars Wallin). During his graduate and successive doctoral studies at the UCLan he was able to employ and expand this corpus for conducting the first morpho-syntactic research on UgSL. In collaboration with Ghent University and The |University of Manchester (Dr. Goedele. A. M. De Clerck), from 2012-2015, he documented the emancipation and sustainable development of the Ugandan Deaf Community.