Commission 6: Employment


Dr Sophie Dalle-Nazebi (France)

International President of the Commission on Employment

Dr Sophie Dalle-Nazebi

Sophie Dalle-Nazébi is a Sociologist and anthropologist, currently working at the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (FMSH) in Paris, and associated at the Laboratoire d’Études et de Recherches Appliquées en Sciences Sociales (LERASS) of Toulouse University.

Her research domains are the anthropology of communication, the sociology of science & society (STS) and interactional design of new services and technologies.S. Dalle-Nazébi’s research interests are in deaf people’s employment, including reasonable accommodations and bilinguism at work, experiences of discrimination, individual or collective strategies to improve quality of professional life, and new jobs for the Deaf like in the fields of research, care and emergencies.

She is also engaged in research and experimentation about remote interpretation and text relay service and about calls for emergency in total conversation, for the Deaf, Deaf Deafblind and for hearing people with Aphasia. Her new research at the FMSH is focused on Deafblind people in France (life trajectories, adjustments and self-images of persons with Usher syndrome, and their relationships with medical care, technology and information).These qualitative researches include collaborative work with the french national federation of the Deaf (commission about discrimination and audism), deaf professional network, and french deafblind associations.

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