Posters List


The poster area will be located on Level 3 of the Palais des Congrès de Paris. All posters will be displayed for the entire duration of the Congress, from 23rd to 27th July.

Poster discussions will take place during the morning, lunch and afternoon breaks on Wednesday 24th July through Saturday 27th July (please refer to the detailed programme).

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Sign Language and Deaf Studies


Poster number Title Presenter(s) Country
P001 Community Accountability in our Deaf Community: How We Can Support Hearing Families with Deaf & Hard of Hearing Children by Sharing Personal #whyisign Stories in Our Native Sign Languages Ms Stacy Abrams USA
P002 Phonological Process in Saudi Sign Language Ms Maram Aljuaid Saudi Arabia
P003 LGBT Studies: Identities, Bodies and Hands of Deaf Subjects Pr. Sheila Costa & Pr Roberto Costa
P004 How different are sign language lexicons? A Global Signbank for lexical comparisons of sign languages Dr Carl Börstell Netherlands
P005 “Familiar” signs in an international context:
Kinship terms and utilisation of newly learned vocabulary in cross-signing
Mr Tashi Bradford & Pr. Onno Crasborn Netherlands
P006 The rapid building of intersubjectivity in cross-signing Mr Kang-Suk Byun Republic of Korea
P007 A comparison of (the relationships between) language support policies and language attitudes in the UK and Korea Mr Kang-Suk Byun Republic of Korea
P008 Examining Grammatical Facial Expressions in Chinese Sign Language Conditionals Mr Gang Chen China
 P009 A look at the current situation of the Deaf language and culture in Taiwan Ms Hsuan-Ju Chen & Mr Wu-lung Chin Taiwan
 P010 Under the SIGN of Jean MASSIEU
02/09/1772 – 21/07/1846 & +
Advocacy for a gateway African sign language
Pr. Jean-Paul Collard France
 P011 Leadership and citizen participation of deaf people in Mexico City and their contribution as a socio-political pre-condition, necessary for the recognition of the Mexican Sign Language. The case of the DLSM-CDMX Mr Ernesto Escobedo Mexico
 P012 Towards a New Paradigm within the Deaf Studies Field:  Introducing Deaf Crits Dr Genie Gertz USA
 P013 Deaftopia: Utopian Representations and Community Dreams by the Deaf Ms Cristina Gil Portugal
 P014 The Deaf representations in cultural productions: visual literature on the internet and their possibilities Pr. João Ricardo Jesus Brazil
 P015 Borrowings into Russian Sign Language and the issue of language policy Ms Anna Komarova & Ms Tatyana Davidenko Russian Federation
 P016 Sign Language Teaching and Learning: Its Impact on Deaf and Hearing Communities – Two Interrelated Facets or Will You Marry a Deaf/Hearing Person?  Ms Anna Komarova Russian Federation
 P017 Sign languages for all ! Ms Sonia Abecassis France
 P018 Sign language in Jewish antiquity Mr Georges Lehrer Belgium
 P019 One year in: reflections on the design and early implementation of British Sign Language Awards in Scotland Ms Margaret Kinsman & Ms Catherine Drew United Kingdom
 P020 Analysis of the collaborative process that takes place within a team, comprised by deaf and hearing researchers, who work with deaf and hearing teachers. How did collaboration evolve and what did we learn in the process? Ms Maribel González & Ms Verónica Escobar Chile
 P021 The New Zealand Sign Language Board: Working with Government to Promote and maintain NZSL Ms Victoria Manning & Dr Rachel McKee New Zealand & USA
 P022 GESTU SIgn Language Dictionary Mr Georg Marsh Austria
 P024 Reframing Human Development Models Through Deaf Lenses Mr Joshua Mora & Mr Wyatte Hall USA
 P025 Deaf Tourist Practices in Bali and Yogyakarta, Indonesia Dr Erin Moriarty Harrelson USA
 P026 Deaf Inmates Rights in Spain Ms Marta Muñoz Spain
 P027 Legal Self-Defense Guide for the Deaf Ms Marta Muñoz Spain
 P028 Watch Us – rediscovering ourselves as a community Ms Rachel Noble & Ms Thora Huebner New Zealand
 P029 Signs for Europe – exporting a successful training concept Ms Ingrid Pointecker Austria
 P030 Deaf Studies in Germany: A Critical Overview Pr. Christian Rathmann & Mr Thomas Geissler Germany
 P031 Deaf vs Sign Language Users – what are advantage and disadvantage? – based on the experience of the sign language users in the DPR of Korea Mr Kyong Su Ro Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
 P032 The Evolution of Deafblind Individuals in the Modern Generation Mr Korian Thomas USA
 P033 The Impact of the Asia-Pacific Sign Linguistics Training and Research Programme for the Deaf Empowerment in Indonesia Ms Laura Lesmana Wijaya & Ms Silva Isma Indonesia
 P034 Public DGS corpus: Possible uses for the sign language community and researchers Ms Satu Worseck Germany
 P036 Sign Language gain as a lobbying tool – best practices Ms Lissa Zeviar Netherlands
 P037 Experience of working in a club for deaf lovers of the Russian language in Moscow Ms Liudmila Zhadan Russian Federation


Deaf Education


Poster number Title Presenter(s) Country
 P038 Reflections on the project of bilingualism for students with hearing impairment Dr Francisco M. Alonso Cárdenas  Spain
 P039 American School for the Deaf:  Global Gateway to Deaf Education Mr Jeffrey Bravin  USA
 P040 Sign Language Teaching: Challenges and Opportunities Ms Antoinette Bruecher & Mr Alexander Straub  Germany
 P041 Right-based education and professional support of Deaff/HH Children in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic Mr Radek Cervinka  Czech Republic
 P042 Stop Treating Deaf Children as Parrots. Access to Sign Language in Schools Dr Alim Chandani & Mr Tushar Viradiya  India
 P043 Raising the profile of sign language teachers Mr Danny De Weerdt  Finland
 P044 Promoting Filipino Deaf’s Language Right in First Bilingual School for Deaf Secondary Students in the Philippines: Case Study Findings and Lessons Learned Ms Theresa Christine Dela Torre & Pr. Dr Christopher Kurz  Philippines & USA
 P045 BSL Curriculum for Primary and Secondary School: The Design Process Ms Catherine Drew United Kingdom
 P046 Poor academic achievements of deaf children in Ghana: Perception of educators about causes and implications on deaf education Mr Juventus Duorinaah & Dr Mprah Kwadwo Wisdom  Solomon Islands & Ghana
 P047 Facets of academic ASL in early childhood: What we can learn from watching Deaf parents with their Deaf children Ms Alayna Finley  Canada
 P048 Learn, Collaborate and Teach: Conferences as a Pedagogical Tool for Teachers Dr Patrick Graham & Pr. Tawny Holmes & Mr Christopher Majeri  USA
 P049 The future way of being professional trained teachers for our Austrian Sign Language, deaf pupils and KODA. A Module “Sign Language Pedagogy” for the Secondary School at the Centre for Teacher Education at the University of Vienna Mrs Barbara Hager  Austria
 P050 Changing the way we teach literacy; an evidence based teaching methodology for teaching reading to young Deaf and hard of hearing learners in Uganda and Tanzania Dr Sam Lutalo-Kiingi & Ms Emmie Wienhoven  Uganda & Netherlands
 P051 State and challenges on Deaf education in Mozambique Mr Armando Mafanhana & Pr. Vladimir Bazoev  Mozambique & Russian Federation
 P052 Promote Positive Transition Towards Deaf Children and Youth: Successful School-to-Work or Higher Education Mr Gary Malkowski  Canada
 P053 Teaching language for learning: overcoming barriers to education for deaf children in Kenya Mr Richard Mativu  United Kingdom
 P054 Deaf students’ well-being: a matter of peer support, professional engagement and identity Mrs Anne Missud  Canada
 P055 Green Screen Filming Project in a Primary School Setting Mrs Katherine O’grady-Bray  United Kingdom
 P056 Inclusive education and deaf students: limits and possibilities within chilean educational reform Ms Ignacia Sauvalle  Chile
 P057 An analysis of Nepali Deaf Children on the impact of NSL/written Nepali bilingual reading e-Book Mr Arjun Shrestha  Nepal
 P058 Artistic processes as a platform for knowledge and dialogue about body, communication and linguistic diversity Ms Ellen Spens & Ms Najlaa Sad Aldeen  Sweden
 P059 A perfect team: Deaf and hearing trainers teaching in Sign Language Ms Nadine Dlouhy  Austria


International Cooperation and Development


Poster number Title Presenter(s) Country
 P060 Deaf refugees – inclusion with Sign Language Ms Nadine Dlouhy  Austria
 P061 Supporting Deaf Accessibility in Syria Mr Feras Al-Moubayed  Syria
 P063 Advancing An Equitable Model of International Development Ms History Estill-Varner  USA
 P064 Japan International Cooperation Agency and Deaf Japanese Volunteer Ms Meri Hirose  Japan
 P065 Models for deaf inclusion in international development Ms Rose Nyagwoka  Kenya
 P066 Promoting heritage identities, languages and cultures Ms Jayde Perry  Australia
 P067 Think, Collobrative and Elevate Ms Kavita Pipalia  USA
 P068 Deaf asylum seekers´experiences of communication and living in reception centres in Finland Ms Nina Sivunen  Finland
 P069 UK-China-Malaysia Universities and Deaf Community Collaboration for Promoting Chinese Deaf Youth Multilingual Practices Dr Junhui Yang  United Kingdom


Technology and Accessibility


Poster number Title Presenter(s) Country
 P070 UgSL Tutor; a mobile application that aids deaf and hearing people learn Uganda Sign Language and english through use of dictionary means. [Word meaning; description and a synonym] Mr Ahereza Noah & Mr Samuel Mugabi  Uganda & Rwanda
 P071 An innovative media centre run by Deaf and hearing people to promote professional sign language interpreting service in China Dr Bin Chen & Ms Wei Wang  China
 P072 The Asian SignBank Mr Ka Yiu Cheng  Hong Kong
 P073 All Children Reading: Grand Challenge for Development – Sign On for Literacy Mr Will Clurman & Mr Kyle Duarte  USA
 P074 HANDS UP – Exhibition about Deafness Mr Matthias Fenkart  Austria
 P075 Assessing Information Access Service Plan for 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games: in pursuit of equal access to sporting events and cultural life for deaf spectators Mr Naoki Kurano  Japan
 P076 Teach conversational sign language the Deaf Way: Our framework in developing The ASL App Ms Megan Malzkuhn  USA
 P077 The Need of Silent Early Warning System in Disaster Risk Reduction for Deaf People in Indonesia Dr Aries Munandar & Ms Deicy Silvia Wenas  Indonesia
 P078 National Songs Video Clips in Sign Language as the Media to Learn Sign Language and to Promote Social Inclusion in Indonesia Dr Aries Munandar & Ms Deicy Silvia Wenas  Indonesia
 P080 Bilingual books in British Sign Language and English: the development of e-Book Ms Katherine O’grady-Bray  United Kingdom
 P081 Fairy tales in the Slovenian Sign Language Ms Valerija Skof  Slovenia




Poster number Title Presenter(s) Country
 P082 Recognising the opinion of Deaf signing women regarding their power to act on the social determinants of health Dr Rana Annous & Ms Marie-Josée Blier  Canada
 P083 Experiences of Audism during Pregnancy and Birth by Deaf Women Ms Nena Bar  Israel
 P084 Sign Language Access in Psychological Testing Dr Cathy Chovaz  Canada
 P085 The Validity of the Test of Memory Malingering (TOMM) with Deaf Indivduals Dr Cathy Chovaz  Canada
 P086 Pregnancy outcomes of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Women Pr. Dr Jess Cuculick  USA
 P087 Deaf sign language users and family health history: Is there sufficient information being shared among deaf family members? Pr. Dr Jess Cuculick  USA
 P088 The cochlear implant, an industry to analyze Dr Jean Dagron  France
 P089 Politics for Deaf Women from Feneis – National Education and Integration of Deaf People: the Social Problematic and Conquers Pr. Auxiliadora De Araújo & Pr. Lygia Neves  Brazil
 P090 Tick-borne Disease: Preventive Strategies for the Deaf Population in Ecuador, United States, and Micronesia Mr Lorne Farovitch  USA
 P091 Global Deaf Health: Creating Health Equity for Deaf People Worldwide Dr Wyatte Hall & Dr Shazia Siddiqi  USA
 P092 Adverse Childhood Experiences of Deaf People Dr Wyatte Hall & Dr Shazia Siddiqi  USA
 P093 Using Art Therapy for Early Development Intervention in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children Mr Noel King  USA
 P094 Moving from Research to Practice: Making Patient Reported Outcomes Measure Accessible in Signed Languages for Deaf People Dr. Poorna Kushalnagar & Ai Takayama
 P095 Toward Better Access to Health Information Using Information and Communications Technology Among Deaf People Mr Emmanuel Lubart & Mr Ambrose Murangira  Switzerland & Uganda
 P096 Menstrual hygiene for Deaf girls in Africa Ms Ashura Michael  Kenya
 P097 Palliative and End of Life Care in Newfoundland’s Deaf Community Mr Myles Murphy  Canada
 P098 Developing better services against domestic violence
/ Hearing the voice of Sign Language users, Deafs and Deafblinds
Ms Sanna Paasonen  Finland
 P099 Study on knowledge of the Pap-test for deaf women who use Sign Language Ms Ana Isabel Sanz Lledó  Spain
 P100 Women, Deaf Culture and Health Literacy: Examining the Gap Between Deaf and Hearing College Students Dr Deirdre Schlehofer  USA
 P101 Create a hotline in sign language for the deaf children and young people – full access to support without any barrier Mr Stine Venseth & Ms Jamila Ouahid  Sweden
 P102 Innovating Health Affirmative Actions for the Deaf in Indonesia Ms Deicy Silvia Wenas & Dr Aries Munandar Indonesia




Poster number Title Presenter(s) Country
 P103 Student services from the perspective of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in Europe Mr Alessandro Abbate & Ms Zoë McWhinney  Italy & United Kingdom
 P105 A brighter future in employment for deaf young people in India Mrs Nita Gopalakrishnan  United Kingdom
 P106 SIDE – Developing a Blended Learning Model for better employment chances for the Deaf Ms Monika Haider  Austria
 P107 Modernizing Employment Services and Employer Supports: Barrier-Free Employment Initiatives and Accomplishments of Deaf Youth Opportunities & Careers in Canada Mr Gary Malkowski  Canada
 P108 Pathways to equal employment opportunities for deaf youth in East Africa Mr Ambrose Murangira & Ms Judith Baart & Mr Schot Sander  Uganda
 P109 Employment Preparation Programs for Deaf Children in a Developing Country Dr Loveth Onuekwusi  Nigeria
 P110 Modern learning of written language for deaf employees with software support Dr Hans-Guenther Ritz & Mr Joern Koch  Germany
 P111 Deaf-led businesses in a sociological perspective Ms Mette Sommer Lindsay  United Kingdom