Programme – 143


Videoconferencing has become a major tool for many of us during the pandemic. Working from home and having a team spread across the city, country or even the world, it is impossible to overestimate the role that communicators like Zoom or Microsoft Teams have played in maintaining the continuity of many institutions.

However, these are not ideal solutions Programme, and especially the first one at the beginning of the year faced a lot of problems.

Since then, however, a lot has changed, and the great popularity of these tools has made their creators start to invest more and more in them. Therefore, from time to time we see, as there are interesting technologies that greatly facilitate the work in videoconferencing. One of them is a program created by Google Programme that will allow a large group of people to use videoconferencing in a much more convenient way-we are talking about deaf and / or mute people.

Google will help the deaf to use video Programme conferencing tools

If someone does not speak or does not hear and participated in a videoconference conducted in a larger group, he may have encountered this problem. Programs such as zoom or team show the person who is currently speaking on the main screen.

The problem with sign language is that it is rarely accompanied by any articulation of phrases, so the programs have no way to detect if the person using this language actually has something to convey. Of course Programme, you can “pin such a person permanently”, but if there are more people flashing in the conversation, the situation becomes quite difficult.