Machine learning to test different creatives


Advertisers who use Google machine learning to test different creatives get up to 15% more clicks1.We’ll be rolling out responsive search ads to advertisers over the next few months. Maximize your ad relevance and YouTube performance Users watch over a billion hours of YouTube video every day. Increasingly, they look for inspiration and information in them before buying something – both for large purchases and small ones.

For example, nearly half of car buyers search YouTube for information before buying2. Also, nearly half of Gen Y users turn to YouTube channels for culinary tips before shopping for groceries. That’s why it’s so important that your video ad is shown to the right audience at the right time. Machine learning can turn that interest into concrete results on YouTube. So far, we’ve helped you optimize your campaigns in terms of impressions and views. Later this year, we will introduce the Maximize Growth strategy.

It makes it easier for you to reach the people most likely to consider buying your brand’s products after watching your video ad. This new Smart Bidding strategy also uses machine learning to automatically adjust bids at auction time and maximize the impact of video ads on your brand perception throughout all stages of the consumer’s journey.