Machine Learning – Now available to all advertisers


People are constantly finding new ways to do all kinds of things, from finding the nearest coffee shop to organizing family photos. Earlier this year, we explored how machine learning can improve our offering to make it easier for users to perform various tasks. In the video below, we’ll show you how we help marketers take advantage of the new opportunities we offer their businesses through our largest implementation of machine learning technology in advertising.

We will show you how this technology works in our services and why its use is crucial to creating a good customer experience and providing them with the support they expect from brands. Show more relevant ads with Responsive Search Ads. Modern consumers who use mobile devices are more inquisitive, demanding and impatient than they used to be.

Therefore, they expect useful and personalized ads. Preparing such advertisements, especially on a large scale, is not easy. That is why we introduce flexible ads in the search engine. Responsive Search Ads use your creativity and the power of Google’s machine learning systems to help you display well-matched and valuable ads to users.

Just add up to fifteen headings and four lines of text and Google will do the rest. We’ll be testing different combinations to determine which ad creative is most effective for your query. Thus, users searching for the same things may see different ads depending on the context. We know that such optimization is effective.