Adults for the deaf – POR meeting with experts


A pink board with the words ” deaf and deaf ” with the symbol of the game                      

About this , how to break the silence around the needs of deaf people in crisis mental , she has spoken the word bearer of the rights of citizens with women representatives and representatives of the Company Polonaise of Psychology , the Society of Poland of Psychiatry and the Foundation of Poland for assistance for children with auz  – echo.

The topic was invoked in the article Dr. Dominika Wisniewska – a member of the Committee of Experts on. Deaf people and adiunktki his APS . M. Grzegorzewska , according to which deaf people who are in a mental crisis do not receive the necessary support therapy .

The patient deaf is about unknown and absent both in the training of specialists, as and in the debate audience . The effects are for the deaf , even dramatic – sometimes up , your doctor does not speak of the patient, with three months of his stay in the hospital , because they do not know , who should benefit from an interpreter Polish language sign.

Meanwhile, the needs of persons deaf are multiple and often require an action different from that of doctors . Otherwise , we should proceed in the case of people who are not familiar with the language Polish and communication is only in language signs in English Polish in another way and , if the patient is a person , who has lost his hearing at age mature .