Generating specialists support the Deaf in mental crisis .


Thanks to the collaboration of the POR and the Polish Society of Psychology and the Polish Society of Psychiatry, be trained informants on the needs of the deaf and on the cultural differences between the deaf and the hearing . The publication will be circulated among psychiatrists , psychologists and assistant psychiatrists . Topics needs of not hearing will be addressed also the conference ‘s annual , the Company Polonaise of Psychiatry. We believe , that thanks to the collaboration will be the one to break the silence around people with problems hearing and their form Zeb .

The meeting was attended by :        

  • RPO dr hab. Adam Bodnar ;
  • Dr. Hanna Machińska , Deputy Commissioner for Human Rights;
  • Krzysztof Olkowicz – Coordinator chief for the protection healthy mind ;
  • Dr. Dominic Wisniewska – adiunktka the Institute of Psychology Applied Academy of Education Special them . M. Grzegorzewska – Commission for Deaf People ;
  • Dr hab. Dorota Podgórska-Jachnik , Prof. Univ . Prof. UL UKW – Committee for Deaf People ;
  • Aleksandra Włodarska vel Głowacka , Chairman of the Council of the Polish Foundation for Assistance Hearing Impaired Hearing in progress – Committee for Deaf People ;
  • Dr. Slawomir Murawiec , Polish Society of Psychiatry – Commission for Mental Health ;
  • Dr. Krystyna Teresa Panas – President of the Polish Society of Psychology ;
  • Prof. Dr. Hab. n. med. Paweł Mierzejewski , Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology ;
  • Barbara Imiołczyk – director of the Center for Social Projects of the BRPO, co-chair of the Committee for Deaf People ;
  • Sylwia Górska – Secretary of the Committee for Deaf People .