Non deaf and the non- deaf people should have access to an interpreter at the clinic


The ROP has received information , that person deaf and problems hearing does not have access to an interpreter of signs in clinical Katowice. Unfortunately, often the action to fight the epidemic of coronavirus and to provide assistance in case of infection , they are not available for people with reduced hearing and impaired hearing .

It turns out that most of all of this , that the communication defect of the channel in this case, the telephone. Meanwhile, to a person deaf it must be guaranteed as well as the same right to protection of health and information , as all citizens. POR asks : should provide services additional translations to distance or communication in writing , which , despite the difficult conditions, it seems to be possible and necessary .

In connection with the situation described , the spokesman for the word stressed the fact that President Katowice Martin was cleansed to ensure equal access of deaf and impaired hearing to health care and information on the pandemic , and in particular on the urgency of taking measures to ensure the use of the service of sign language interpreter in relations with foreign doctors on the Katowice .