Learn sign language


Sign language, like any other language, requires constant work and daily repetition of acquired messages. Therefore, in order to learn it, it is extremely important to choose the right institute and teacher. Below are some important factors that will help you decide on the appropriate language course or course. Start learning sign language consciously.

Who to sign up for a sign language course?

Sign language should only be taught by qualified and trained individuals who have many years of experience working with the deaf and who maintain constant contact with the deaf community. It would also be better if deaf people gave lessons in sign language – they teach the so-called mother tongue, i.e. mother tongue of the language. Native signatories, on the other hand, are people who use sign language since childhood. PJM can therefore be taught by deaf and hard of hearing people who have been working with the deaf for a long time and have mastered signing at a level comparable to the Polish language.

Can every deaf person learn sign language?

However, it is worth knowing that, despite the fluent knowledge of the language, not all people are predisposed to teaching. Not all Poles, not even all Polish graduates, have the right to teach Polish and even fewer people have the necessary skills. It is the same in the case of learning Polish sign language: it is worth enrolling in a sign language course only with proven and reputable teachers who use every opportunity to deepen their knowledge and learn for the benefit of themselves and their own. students.