Why is it good to be an actor? – or where to start learning sign language


At the beginning I would like to say hello to all of you. By joining the Language Editorial Office of Silent, I would like to introduce you to the world of silence, the world of sign language – so different from the phonic ones: visual-spatial and iconic. What does that mean? How and where to start? What to look for? What does learning sign language look like? Where to find help, materials, i.e. the method of total immersion like sign language.

Learning sign language

You’ve read the introduction – I hope I didn’t bore you. So let’s go! Unfortunately, I must say that obtaining reliable materials for learning Polish Sign Language is not that easy, so in the title I wrote about the method of total immersion like sign language. Corpus research on language has recently been conducted. About why this happened and where the so-called language and sign system, I will write in a separate article in a while. But I know that all this will not scare Strongmen! ????

Visual-spatial language, a language other than phonic, iconic? Probably most of you are just wondering what does it actually mean? Others associate sign language with deaf people, that is, people who constantly “wave” their hands. I would like to take you on a journey, to introduce you to a space which, on the one hand, is very close, we don’t have to go anywhere, on the other hand, this world is so hermetic that we are completely unknown to us.

Sign language – key elements

An important element of sign language is MIMIKA and PANTOMIMA, i.e. the ability to express emotions, feelings, present activities with your own body – with your whole self, which is directly related to the character of sign language. So a little acting skill might come in handy. It can be said that deaf people are simply masters at this! That is why it is worth practicing it from the very beginning – I recommend the simplest – pun game: for those unfamiliar with a simple rule, we show passwords without the use of words and signs in sign language. ????