Sign Language Course – Is YouTube Enough?


No course on YouTube will provide you with knowledge of the language, let alone fluency in communication. Only participation in a sign language course or a language course will make the lessons systematic, standardized and tailored to the user. Also during the course itself the full support and attention of the teacher is provided to the assimilated material, the correctness of the signs and the grammar. In the case of sign language, it is also extremely important to assimilate Deaf culture, cultural signs and savoir-vivre, and these are only acquired during meetings with a culturally deaf teacher.

Where to learn the signs of sign language?

For learning sign language, YouTube and other social media are useful for one thing: learning sign language. There are many sites and profiles that upload a lot of single character videos. However, very often they are scattered and created chaotically, without division into thematic categories, which does not facilitate learning, on the contrary, especially on websites such as Instagram or Facebook, it is very difficult to return to the previous watched movie due of the large amount of materials and their disorder. YouTube allows you to name your videos, but with multi-content accounts it’s hard to find the right tag. PJM courses provide access to platforms and materials developed by professionals who have approached their creation with due thought.