Sign Language – learning


Below is a list of renowned and recommended Sign Language courses. We can assure you that learning sign language with the following teachers or in the language schools we present will be a pleasure and will guarantee not only complete learning of the subject, but will also be certified with an appropriate certificate or other proof of participation in the course.

The PJM language course at the University of Warsaw – we especially recommend lessons with Marek Śmietana, a friend of ISG.MA in Polish Sign Language Philology from the University of Warsaw’s Faculty of Polish Studies – for anyone wishing to explore PJM from scratch and graduate with full knowledge of PJM linguistics and translations.


  • Bartosz Wilimborek
  • Agnieszka Bednarska
  • Jolanta Korzec

Deaf people can be compared to foreigners in Poland: Polish is a foreign language for them and their mother tongue is Polish Sign Language. However, while foreign students have the right to learn Polish as a foreign language, the needs of the deaf in this area are not recognized, which in turn makes it difficult for them to acquire high skills in the Polish language. Hearing impairment affects a child’s language development.

Deaf students, deprived of hearing reception, have great difficulties with learning phonic languages ​​(for example Polish). Kowal’s research (2011, after: Januszkiewicz et al. 2014) indicates that deaf students in secondary school dropout grades achieve an average level of A2 proficiency in the Polish language. This level is reached by foreigners within 2 years in meetings of one and a half hours twice a week. However, it should be noted that deaf people easily learn sign language.