Good translator


Furthermore, it is not easy to become a connoisseur (expert), a good translator of classical sign language: in Poland there are only a few dozen highly professional translators, mostly people who had deaf parents and often learned to sign before to speak. Deaf people who have not learned the Polish language, both spoken and written, must use the services of professional sign language interpreters throughout their lives.

BW: How did your friend help you with your studies? JK: I invited her to my friends on Facebook and when she noticed my language errors in conversation, I admitted that I was deaf. He asked if he could correct me. I accepted and he also sent me various exercises. It haunted me for six months and I achieved a lot during that time.

He gave me grammar exercises, especially those in which the verb is declined per person (eg Salto, you skip, he skips …). It also made me write sentences at different times. We also practiced Polish during matches when I was cheering. He gave me homework and didn’t let me watch the game until I finished training. We set our own rules and she explained a lot to me via chat.

Now I have a book to learn Polish at A1 and A2 levels – these levels are easy for me, but thanks to this I fill in the gaps, what I didn’t learn in school. I also talk to teachers via Facebook and they correct my mistakes. It gives me a lot.  BW: And how do you think deaf students should learn Polish in school? JK: It’s hard for me to say. I am in favor of introducing different books at all times and working on the texts during the lesson.

It certainly shouldn’t be that teachers talk most of the lesson. My friend Tomek, who knows Polish worse than me, thinks it’s worth working more on grammar. It would be nice to start with fairy tales in simple language (e.g. Snow White, Pinocchio), then introduce comics and then short books. We are currently participating in a reading club at our school and are reading comics. I myself see great progress in my colleagues at the club. Thanks to comics, for example, they use endings better.