The deaf understand the need to learn


BW: Maybe simply changing the topic from Polish to Polish as a foreign language (and introducing a topic with such a name in general) would be an appropriate solution. As an English teacher, I encourage my students to read books. They themselves choose fairy tales and children’s books because they are proud of themselves that they can read a book in a foreign language.

It is not that important to them if the book is related to the topic that interests them. More important is the satisfaction of reading in a foreign language, understanding your progress.    AB: I have the impression that our students may be more motivated to learn English because, in my opinion, they feel like others. We hear people learning English as much as they do: we start from scratch. In the case of the Polish language, this motivation could be lower, among others because the students “did not understand” this language as we did, they did not learn it naturally. Often they have to learn it from scratch.

BW: So the deaf understand the need to learn Polish?JK: Not everyone thinks about it. There are certainly many people who know that the Polish language will be useful in the future, but many people also say this, and yet they do not want to study … BW: Do you think your students don’t like Polish lessons?

AB: I wouldn’t say that. Many students like them. I have students who claim that Polish is their favorite subject, despite their low scores. In Polish, they can learn interesting stories, for example they like myths, and seeing what I do in class with older friends, they ask me when they will discuss it. Even if we talk, for example, about Ballady or Dziady, part II by Adam Mickiewicz, which are linguistically difficult, but the story itself is interesting.

Perhaps for some people it is more interesting, for example, than the structure of a cell. I also try to find books that match the language level of the students. The Hobbit or The Little Prince is read by students in the comic version. It is worse with the motivation to learn a language meant as boring learning new words, improving grammar correctness.