Deaf is to speak


For deaf children of deaf parents, learning Polish at school is therefore learning a foreign language using the new system, because this is the SJM school obligatory for them. They do not develop natural language (PJM), they do not get to know reality with it, like children who hear in their own language.

You can imagine that they feel like they have ended up in a school for little geniuses where the language of instruction is Hebrew or Chinese. On the other hand, a deaf child who has not learned sign language at home learns the first language at all at school. Unfortunately, 7 years too late.

It is hard to believe, but in Polish schools for deaf children in the early 1980s, teachers only lectured … by saying. To this day, there are several such schools! Teachers speak only by articulating the words more strongly. This method (known as oralism) seems absurd today, despite the fact that it sometimes brings positive results. Only 5 percent.

deaf people acquire the ability to read effectively from the mouth and to articulate sentences clearly – understandable for hearing people. This situation was improved by SJM created by prof. Bogdan Szczepankowski. Introducing him to schools was a historic event.

The time of oralism that has dominated for over a hundred years has ended. Thanks to this change, schools are flashing. Nevertheless, education does not bring the expected results. This is also admitted by prof. Szczepankowski. Although deaf children learn Polish for 10 or 12 years (from elementary school to high school), many of them do not take the final exams, for example, because they are afraid of written exams.

– Some mistakes are made in the education system of deaf people – says prof. Bogdan Szczepankowski. – It is possible that the techniques of working in schools are already inadequate. In addition, children, by talking to each other in natural sign language (PJM), transfer the grammatical rules and syntax of this language to Polish.

This can be seen in the written works. As a result, they use pidgin (pidgin – a language created on the basis of two or more languages with simplified syntax and vocabulary) and few students master the Polish language. It would be better if the teachers also knew the natural Polish Sign Language, but 95 percent. of them are ruled only by SJM.