Wfdys camp


Reflections of people who have taken up sign language learning, indicate the many benefits of this. First of all, knowledge of sign language allows you to better understand deaf people and the environment in which they live. It also allows us to see the world from a different perspective Wfdys camp, while opening us to new areas of cognitive and developmental. And you, what are your experiences with the “world of silence”? I encourage you to share your insights.

I was inspired to create the blog by my undergraduate thesis on sign language in media. Writing it, I realized how rarely PJM Wfdys camp appears in the lives of hearing people and how little people know about it. So I decided to tackle this problem and spread the culture of deaf people in society. My sister, who has been deaf since birth, also played a huge role here. It was she who persuaded me to learn PJM-says Kasia.

The content created by her follows more than four hundred people. The number of observers is growing every day. Wfdys camp – On the blog I discuss various topics, including how to call a deaf person, how to make contact with her, how to speak and how not to. These are simple questions, taken from everyday life-says Katarzyna.

The student of speech therapy also draws attention to the fact that some basic issues related to the environment of deaf people are new for many people. – Very often I come across the fact that deaf people are called deaf-mutes-this is a mistake Wfdys camp. A deaf person is a person who does not speak.

Deaf people use sign language, so they speak. PJM is not phonetic, we do not hear it, but it is their own way of communication. That’s why the term deaf and dumb is offensive. Such a person can be called deaf, hard of hearing, or hard of hearing-explains Kasia.